Friday, January 13, 2017

A Few Sketches and a Hopper

Some serious readings on art, some serious sketches and some serious pondering, all for fun is what I like when I work. I just started reading on Edward Hopper, one of my favourites. I love his eerie push and pull of light and shade, enigmatic characters all aloof from their normal surroundings becoming somewhat extraordinary, quirky perspective defining space and its relation to the characters as if reminding a hidden sense of humour somewhere in one of those nook and corners; perhaps suggesting an approaching decadence while one is possibly being a little too absorbed in one's own thoughts. I am no art critic, just an art lover and so this is entirely my personal view.

A trial of Hopper's work - not an exact replica, yet I wanted to try...a practice.


A few charcoal sketches





I am seriously looking into figurative now, getting as much practice as possible. I used to be more drawn towards abstracts when painting as there is a natural flow when creating, while figurative needs more planning. It demands to be organized. I like to let go and let flow, being intuitive which is appropriate with abstracts. And yet sometimes that too needs some planning when you are creating particularly for an exhibit and if you are considering a series. My series exhibited in last October did have elements of figurative in it though. It was then that I became more interested in doing figurative works.

So what are you interested in abstracts or figurative?  Which do you enjoy more (even if not as an artist, as a viewer)?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

For New Beginnings

Some beginnings mark the birth of new while some others are renewed from it's dormant  and even stagnant existence. Every dream, hope, aspiration and 'thought' (as some pass it slightly) follows its own course. Some brave it and follow it outright, some wait upon for a proper time and chance. What I've encountered is - embrace what you hold onto dearly for an opportunity missed will never retrace its steps back to you. it would definitely be never the same.

So beautiful people, hold onto your dreams and follow it passionately whatever the hurdles...

To delve deep
To unlock
To immerse
To embolden
To fortify
Yet be vulnerable

(Eye of the Soul series) Blue - Diptych (60.96x60.96 cm each) Mix Media

To love
To live
To fly
To float
To levitate
Yet be grounded

Eye of the Soul series - 27x35 cm, Mix Media

To enjoy
To harness
To flow
To energize
To captivate
Yet transport

Eye of the Soul series - Diptych - Mix media  (Sold)

To silence
To retrospect
To seek
To find
Yet let go
And set free.

All the paintings are from my series exhibited in the 'Eye of the Soul', the first show I had curated, in March 2016 at Durbar Hall Art Center. You can read about it here